Most fully appreciated by close examination and use. One can see the attention to detail and the skilled human touch.

Bonnie Belt

My thrown forms have evolved since relocating to Northern California, incorporating my Southwest desert background with my current lush forest surroundings. I have discovered that the landscape of this area, especially the trees, express the enduring, fragile existence of nature which I want to communicate in my work and embrace in my life.


Dodero Studio Ceramics

John Dodero started out creating original hand-crafted art pottery in 1970. Since then Dodero Studio Ceramics has blossomed into a full-service production studio with a web presence and supplying retailers nationwide. Designed and produced in John’s home studio in southern Oregon, Dodero Studio Ceramics are cast from originals for consistency, prompt delivery and competitive pricing. Custom pieces are made to order.

Polish Pottery

Polish Pottery stoneware is most fully appreciated by close examination and use. One can see the attention to detail, the skilled human touch of applied color, feel the bright glass-like surface that seals and protects the creamy white clay beneath. Lyrical motifs are inspired by traditional Polish decoration that include peacock’s eye, local flowers and geometric designs.


Raku Art

At Raku Art Inc. I produce raku fired ware on over 100 different shapes (vases, bowls, candlesticks, and sculptures) that can be created in several different Copper Matte glazing techniques. Each piece is unique; no two raku pieces will ever be the same. Each piece is signed and dated by the artist, William K. Turner. My work will make a great gift or the perfect accent to your home.