Home Décor

Decorate your home with some unique items to give it that special feel

Hot Skwash

Founded in 2008 by Daria Knowles, Hot Skwash is a family-run business dedicated to bringing joy and beauty into peoples’ lives. Each velvet pumpkin is individually handcrafted by Daria, the artist. Her keen eye for color, texture, and shape gives each treasure its own personality. Working with local farmers, Hot Skwash harvests unwanted pumpkin and squash stems and recycles them into unique accents for the home.


Michael Michaud Table Art

Artist Michael Michaud’s unique collection of Table Art features unique napkin rings, picture frames, tableware and more – all cast directly from nature. Each piece of Michael Michaud Table Art is cast from a mold that is created directly from the plant itself, resulting in unique home decore items that exsquisitely reflect the intricate forms and textures of nature. Most pieces are cast in pewter and finished with gold, bronze or sterling silver.

Hessel Studios

The candle holders are delivered with a highly polished finish.  Copper will naturally darken over time unless it is polished from time to time.  Many people prefer the natural patina and choose not to remove it.  For those who prefer the polished look, occasional use of a good silver polish or a product called “Simichrome”, along with periodic buffing with a soft dry cloth, will keep the candleholder looking as fresh as the day it was produced.


Rickard Studios

They created many of their iconic designs and developed their vivid color palette while living and working in Taos, New Mexico. Most of their work is made from aluminum, with designs cut into the metal and portions of the surface brushed and textured so that the bright metal contrasts with the patinas and dyes which provide color.