Columbia Empire Farms, located in the heart of Oregon’s lush farmlands, nurtures 900 acres of berries and 300 acres of hazelnuts. The delicious Columbia Empire Farms products sold at Yamhills gallery are made daily on the farm.

Berries and Honey
Columbia Empire Farms jams and preserves are made from the prized marion blackberry, known locally as a marionberry. This shiny, dark red to blue-black berry has been called “the queen of blackberries.” It is sweet and juicy, without the slight bitterness found in many blackberries. Comparisons have been made between marionberries and the rich juicy earthiness of Cabernet grapes.

The marionberry was cultivated and is grown exclusively in Oregon, where it is rated by berry breeders above other blackberries as “the blackberry to beat.”

In the summer, Columbia Empire Farms’ honey bees pollinate the berry blossoms, and in the summer, the farmers harvest blackberry honey for your enjoyment.

Hazelnuts (also known as filberts) have grown in the northwest since the first pioneers planted trees in 1843. Today Columbia Empire Farms grows, harvests, and roasts their hazelnuts to perfection.

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