The essentials to a satisfying comfortable home with rich scents and a warm glow.

Root Candles

Root Candles devotion to purity, honesty and quality is renowned. Each Root candle is carefully handcrafted using processes mastered through five generations of craftsmanship combined with the latest in manufacturing technologies. The results are pure and simple: Root Candles are highly regarded for complex bouquets of subtle fragrances and sophisticated color palettes, important factors for discerning candle lovers.


Big Dipper Wax Works

We produce all-natural beeswax candles, including aromatherapy candles, tea lights, votives, pillars, tapers, sculpted, floating, and seasonal candles as well. We also offer a selection of all-natural beeswax body products and accessories.

Pacifica Candles

Clean and natural vegetable soy wax releases scent generously. Pacifica’s signature fragrance blends with essential and natural oils. Lead-free cotton wicks. Long-burning. Always phthalate-free. The best candles in the world.


Rosy Rings

Take our Botanical Candles: Turn one over and you’ll see it’s actually two candles. The entire process of pouring, stuffing, repouring, melting the edges, wrapping it and the countless other tasks take two whole days! And because this point bears repeating: all of this is done by hand. Here’s another one: every shell, cone and flower is squeezed through a tiny opening in our glass diffuser bottle.

Aquiesse Candles

At AQUIESSE, the art of creativity is backed by extensive science, research and craftsmanship.   The Company always stays atop industry trends and leading R&D, yet only uses ingredients that are tried and true.   Our candles are poured with the purest natural wax formulations derived from Soy Beans, Coconuts and natural oils for a luxuriously clean burn and perfectly balanced fragrance throw.